Want to work on climate change? Great!

Posted to advise of a new working group on climate change:

"We need to implement creative solutions to solve it. This new working group will focus on the connections between mitigation, peaceful organizing, experiential education and knowledge mobilization. Everyone is welcome to join. We will be meeting at York University. Everyone is welcome to participate in Science for Peace working groups, whether or not you belong to SFP. So bring a friend— we have work to do!"


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The Power of Cities to Tackle Climate Change

Public talk and discussion with David Miller

Swansea Town Hall, January 11, 2017

2017 promises to be rather industrious and fruitful for Green 13 and action on our goals. Our first event of the year was the best one in the recent history of many environmental...

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Ward 13/14 Roundtable on Community Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events

Ward 13/14 Roundtable on Community Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events      January 14, 2017

Green 13 organized this inaugural meeting that took place Saturday, January 14, 2017 at the Annette Library, to bring together representatives, by invitation, from as many stakeholder groups as possible here in Ward 13, as well as the west side of Ward 14 ( e.g. residents’ associations, condo reps, BIAs, faith communities, libraries, schools, health centres, recreation...

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Mayor Tory Shocks Environmentalists by Voting Against Climate Action

Toronto: In a shocking late night vote, Dec.15 '16, Mayor Tory voted against a motion to ask the City’s Budget Committee to find funds in 2017 to help meet Toronto’s climate change targets.

“Every Torontonian concerned with climate change should be profoundly disappointed by Mayor Tory’s vote,” said Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA), Toronto’s environmental watchdog. “While he voted for a new climate change plan, he voted against opening...

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