Free Webinar: Pulling Back the Curtain: The Strategy, Tactics and Tools of Canada's Fossil Fuel Greenwashing

April 18 | 12:00 - 1:15 pm ET

Key narratives and lobbying by Canada's oil and gas industry are weakening climate policy and jeopardizing Canada's ability to meet net zero targets by 2050. While corporations position themselves as climate allies, research shows Canada’s six largest companies also work to actively oppose climate policy, advocate against regulation to reduce emissions, and push for oil and gas expansion.

On April 18, Re.Climate’s...

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Free webinar: Beyond Gas: Ontario's Energy Future

When: April 18 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Eastern Time

An energizing evening with celebrated Stanford energy researcher and author Dr Mark Z. Jacobson and local experts Jack Gibbons (Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance) and Gaby Kalapos (Executive Director, Clean Air Partnership). Moderated by well-known health journalist Avis Favaro and introduced by Dr Mili Roy.

Learn all you need to know and be inspired by the existing affordable green renewable solutions that can carry us reliably...

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Free webinar: Municipal Implications and Options Related to Ontario's Wetland Protection System

When: Thursday, May 04 | 11:00 AM Eastern Time

During this webinar, Anne Bell from Ontario Nature will summarize the changes to Ontario’s wetland protection, and its implications for flood protection and municipalities. Jacqueline Wilson from CELA will speak to municipal powers to protect wetlands not deemed to be provincially significant and the interaction of Municipal Zoning Orders and other new tools under the Planning Act and wetlands protection. Presentations will be followed by...

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47 cities have signed on to the Montreal Pledge to protect biodiversity

The following article by Lorraine Carpenter was published by CULT Montreal December 13. 2022:

"By adhering to 15 concrete actions to protect biodiversity, cities demonstrate their leadership and capacity for action".

On Monday, the City of...

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Guest blog: Deep reflections on Toronto's Biodiversity

Green 13 and Parkdale High Park for Climate Action welcomed Jane Welsh and Teresa Bosco from the City of Toronto to speak at Swansea Town Hall on Toronto's Biodiversity and the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

Below please find the letter which Lenka Holubec sent to Jane Welsh a few hours in advance of that meeting, and which Lenka is kindly sharing as a guest blog. L

Hello Jane,

It is good to see topics such as Toronto’s Biodiversity and...

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