Parkdale-High Park All-Candidates Debate on the Environment: Recap and Reflection

On Wednesday, October 2nd, almost 400 members of our community gathered at Humbercrest United Church for the Parkdale-High Park All-Candidates Debate on the Environment. As the pews filled, people nudged closer together, pulled chairs from other rooms, and leaned against columns. Yellow “100 Debates” pins flickered against the black shirts of volunteers from Green 13, Green Parkdale-Roncesvalles, and Safe Rail Communities as they hurried about, directing attendees in and encouraging them to...

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One Earth, One Vote

Add your name to this initiative to let our current party leaders know that your vote will not be given to a government that does not uphold environmental protection, economic justice and human rights. Add your name to the list of Canadians everywhere who are demanding that our leaders consider the future of our planet and take it seriously this upcoming October. This letter will be sent to your local candidate as well as...

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by David Burman

“We might not make it.” Hearing these words, I felt a wave of shock through my body. After 30 years of environmental and Indigenous rights activism, that phrase struck home like nothing before.  Back in the 1990s I had heard Thomas Berry[i] say “I don’t think the human is a viable species.” Pretty outrageous then, it was meant to wake us up to the destructive path we were following, to change our story, our operating assumptions of...

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The Pact for a Green New Deal

On May 6th, a coalition of over 60 organizations across Canada launched the Pact for a Green New Deal to push for more ambitious climate action ahead of the coming elections. Scientists, artists, youth, indigenous leaders and people across Canada have signed on, and we invite you as an individual to sign on to this broad call to develop a plan to meet the science of climate change, see the full implementation of UNDRIP,...

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Climate Emergency Declaration on the rise - how about Ontario?

Come support the motion to declare Climate Emergency in Ontario! Monday, May 13, come fill the public gallery at Queen’s Park, from 1:30 pm onwards! Bring a piece of photo ID, and come earlier in time to go through security.

Many municipalities in Canada have declared climate emergency:

Vancouver, Halifax, Kingston, Richmond, Hamilton, Capital Regional District (13 municipalities in southern Vanvouver Is. incl. Victoria and Gulf Islands), Edmundston, Powell...

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