Green 13

Call of the Forest - The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees


Free screening and discussion.

Take a walk in the woods with acclaimed Irish-Canadian scientist and author Diana Beresford-Kroeger as she reveals our profound human connection to the ancient and sacred northern forests. 

Green 13 monthly planning meeting April 30 2018


Please join us to hear about the various projects we're working on, and to volunteer!

Green 13 monthly planning meeting


Please join us for our monthly planning meeting. We are about to begin a new project and welcome many volunteers.



TREE FOR ME is a tree matching and giveaway event, sponsored by Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.  Find our event on the website, find out which tree on offer is best for your property, and join us on May 5 between 10am - 1pm for a demonstration of how to plant and care of your tree.  Then take your tree home!  Help make our city greener - let's get planting, Toronto!

Greening Your Grounds - The Joys of a Rain Garden


As a follow-up to Green 13 and Councillor Doucette’s event of January 17, focused on flooding and stormwater management in Wards 13/14:   (scroll down)


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