Easy Like Water / Free screening and discussion

10 Feb 2015 - 6:15pm to 8:30pm

Annette Branch Library

145 Annette St.


Easy Like Water: Designing a Future that Floats  (56 min.)
EASY LIKE WATER is an eye-opening and inspiring look at one man's quest to fight the effects of climate change.

In rural Bangladesh, a visionary architect is building floating schools to turn the front lines of climate change into a community of learning. The boat schools — outfitted with solar-powered Internet access — are bringing education to kids, especially girls, who might otherwise never get a chance to go to school.

Now, architect Mohammed Rezwan is trying to expand the model to create floating clinics, cinemas and climate shelters. In a nation where 20 million people may be washed away by mid-century, Rezwan is creating a blueprint for his people’s survival. But can “Bangladesh’s Noah” overcome both high waters and the high-pressure competition for resources to sustain his dream?

By turns witty and heart-wrenching, EASY LIKE WATER is an off-the-grid journey that presents a new perspective on the developing world — recognizing it as a source of solutions to this century’s most pressing problems and, ultimately, a place where hope floats. http://www.easylikewater.com/

Guest speaker: Dewan Afzal