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National Groups Call for Ambitious Implementation of Canada’s Climate Framework


On September 14, 2017, a group of national organizations issued an open letter to the Canadian government championing the swift and uncompromising implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Climate Change and Clean Growth.

Update on Junction Adopt-a-Street-Tree Project

       We are making good progress through the Junction Adopt-a-Street Tree Project!  Compared to last summer, when no one had formally ‘adopted’ street trees in the Junction, now some 90 trees have been adopted. Those businesses or individuals adopting a street tree have committed to providing their adopted tree 2 deep waterings each week — i.e. 30 litres at a time, twice a week. Deep watering encourages the tree to send its roots down to seek water deeper in the soil, develop a hardier root structure, and therefore greater resilience.

Call for VOLUNTEERS to help water Junction street trees

We are calling for volunteers to help water Junction street trees.

The severe drought of last summer has really taken its toll on Junction street trees. An updated audit of the 138 trees within bounds of the Junction BIA revealed that 25% of those street trees perished.
We learned, the hard way, that the City does not have the staff to adequately water street trees during drought. We also learned that the contract negotiated by the BIA for watering street flowers did not include watering street trees.

Want to work on climate change? Great!

Posted to advise of a new working group on climate change:

"We need to implement creative solutions to solve it. This new working group will focus on the connections between mitigation, peaceful organizing, experiential education and knowledge mobilization. Everyone is welcome to join. We will be meeting at York University. Everyone is welcome to participate in Science for Peace working groups, whether or not you belong to SFP. So bring a friend— we have work to do!"


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