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Secondhand Sunday

Thanks to everyone in my neighbourhood who participated in Secondhand Sunday yesterday and made it such a great success.

Walking around Durie, Beresford, Annette, MacGregor and Ardagh, I counted at least 30 homes that had put out stuff for others to take. And there were plenty of takers too,  wandering the streets throughout the day. The weather, although not great, held out and most of the stuff was gone by 5pm.


“Tomorrow” happened on Tuesday February 13 at the Runnymede library. The film that is. And the change it hopes to bring about in those who watched it.

It was a well attended event and for those of us who saw this 2 hour long film it was inspiring and well worth the time. Despite the doomsday predictions about our survival over the next few decades, it provided us with wonderful examples of how small groups of individuals around the globe are making successful changes in their communities to make the world a better place and address climate change.

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