Want to save money and change climate change?

Increase your home comfort, save money, boost household energy efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint!
Learn about the wide range of energy-saving rebates available for the whole home.
On March 13 ’18 Green 13 hosted speakers at Annette Library who presented the current GreenON Program and the Save On Energy program. These programs are independent of each other, and offer different incentives.
Amy Eakins presented the GreenON Rebates Program and covered: the Smart Thermostat $100 Rebate Program, rebates for insulation, windows, air-source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. View the information presented here (pdf). (Find out more about GreenON at: https://www.greenon.ca )
Susie Cho presented the Save On Energy programs, both those offered by Toronto Hydro (Home Assistance Program; Low-income Energy Assistance Program; Ontario Electricity Support Program; Afford Ability Fund) and Enbridge (Home Energy Conservation Program, Winter Weatherizaton…). View the information presented here (pdf).