Let’s remember what kind of summer we’ve had - including right here in our neighbourhoods, breathing in the smoke of distant forest fires; extending the hours for cooling centres and pool openings to deal with the heat; listening to the news of extreme weather events…  On September 21 ’23 António Guterres did not mince his words at the United Nations as he urged world leaders on an acceleration agenda to safeguard the 1.5ºC temperature goal, and to deliver climate justice:

Yet, the Province is "pushing ahead with contracts to increase natural gas use and climate pollution in cities.“ Read more:  

Methane-fired electricity generates lethal air pollution. According to the Government of Canada, in 2016 air pollution was responsible for the premature death of 6600 Ontarians with a monetary impact of over $49 billion to the Province of Ontario. Air pollution causes diseases of multiple human systems including asthma and other lung diseases, heart diseases, dementia, diabetes; harms to pregnant women include premature and low birth weight babies, multiple forms of cancer, and others.

Recent studies, including one by The Atmospheric Fund focused on Ontario, indicate that these invisible methane emissions mean that using gas for electricity is nearly as carbon intensive as coal when the full life cycle is considered. See also…

The Global Net-Zero scenario shows Canadian oil and gas production peaking in 2026, and gas production already peaking this year. The recent IPCC AR6 report and IEA’s Net Zero Roadmap have highlighted that no new investment in or expansion of oil, gas, and coal are compatible with limiting warming to 1.5º C. Canada must urgently cap oil and gas emissions to align the sector’s trajectory with climate safety.

This is not the time for Ontario to plan to meet its energy needs through gas-fired plants. Come find out about the dangers of gas-fired electricity generation. Come find out about better, cheaper, safer ways for Ontario to meet its energy needs. Members of Green 13 and Parkdale-High Park 4 Climate Action will be represented on the panel.

When: Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 6 pm
Where: Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Ave.

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