“Tomorrow” happened on Tuesday February 13 at the Runnymede library. The film that is. And the change it hopes to bring about in those who watched it.

It was a well attended event and for those of us who saw this 2 hour long film it was inspiring and well worth the time. Despite the doomsday predictions about our survival over the next few decades, it provided us with wonderful examples of how small groups of individuals around the globe are making successful changes in their communities to make the world a better place and address climate change.

It provided us with inspiration and hopefulness that we too can make a difference in our own lives and communities without waiting for governments to address climate change.

Thirty-five of us wrote out our individual intentions of what we planned to do “tomorrow”. Here are some of our ideas; learn how to produce my own food; plant vegetables; grow plants that attract bees; plant native plants; start my own compost and plant food in my front yard; buy a rain barrel; consume less; reduce garbage; consume more local food; eat a plant based diet; ride my bicycle more; save urban forests; teach children to care for each other and the world; open a school for students who will change their world; use my influence as an engineer to put more diesel, coal and gas power plants out of business; become more politically active; learn more about green living; participate in ventures to save the earth, volunteer with local green groups; speak to my neighbours about some of the ideas in this video; dare to think outside the box. 

Now imagine what tomorrow could look like if we each followed through on our intentions and convinced 2 others to do the same and then these two others each convinced two more and so on and on and on…soon we would be making enough of a difference to catch the attention of governments and big business and force them to adjust their focus.

Sound too optimistic? Perhaps but then what do we have to lose besides everything!  The alternative is to do nothing; wait and see what happens, which is basically what we have been doing for the past 40 years. By beginning to make our own changes we take control of our own lives instead of trusting in governments and big business to do the right thing.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”.