Secondhand Sunday

Thanks to everyone in my neighbourhood who participated in Secondhand Sunday yesterday and made it such a great success.

Walking around Durie, Beresford, Annette, MacGregor and Ardagh, I counted at least 30 homes that had put out stuff for others to take. And there were plenty of takers too,  wandering the streets throughout the day. The weather, although not great, held out and most of the stuff was gone by 5pm.

The overall response from those who participated, both those who put stuff out and those looking through the stuff was an ecstatic “thumbs up”. Everyone I spoke to, thought it was a great idea and would love to see it become a recurring event.  

It was clearly a win-win-win event for everyone.

We got to get rid of stuff that we no longer wanted with minimal effort (what could be easier than bringing it to the curb)  and we could feel good about the fact that it was not ending up in landfill but rather going to someone else who wanted it enough to take it. My personal favourite moment of the day was seeing the big smile on the face of a young boy who carted off my son’s old xbox. 

We also got to check out our neighbours discards and take stuff. I found a few great items I didn’t really need, but hey, it’s always fun to find a treasure, and even better when it’s FREE!  And if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll save it for the next Secondhand Sunday.

And the biggest win for all of us is that an event like this gets people outside, interacting with each other.  It makes us all feel safer, happier and gives us a sense of belonging when we participate in a joint neighbourhood project, like this.  That’s what community development is all about - strengthening neighbourhood bonds.

So hopefully we can have more people getting involved next time and grow this into a city-wide event. Start now by saving up your unwanted stuff, talking to your neighbours, planning an event in your neighbourhood and reserve the date; next SecondHand Sunday is April 29, 2019.

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