From Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign MUNICIPAL CANDIDATE'S CLIMATE PLEDGE

Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign Municipal Candidate's Climate Pledge

​I am a candidate for the October 24, 2022 Ontario municipal election.

By signing this Climate Pledge I recognize the urgent risks posed by the environmental crisis which threaten our way of life and endorse the evidence-based solutions described, making them key municipal policy priorities for Ontario.

If elected I commit to work to rapidly implement the following:

​1. Develop and implement a municipal climate action plan consistent with global efforts to limit planetary warming to 1.5°C.

- An inclusive and equitable plan that leaves no one behind.

- Provision for extreme weather adaptation and resilience in communities

- Accountability through a Climate Advisory Committee and Ombudsperson

2. Rapidly wind down fossil fuel use and other emissions through building retrofits, transportation initiatives, and improved waste management.

- Prevent sprawl through sustainable planning that promotes densification, healthy active transportation and walkable, cycling-friendly communities.

- Expand public transit and accessibility for all by offering free or reduced fares for those who need it.

- Establish ample bi-directional public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

- Redirect funding to energy efficiency including building retrofits.

- Support fully renewable low carbon energy sources including the phase-out of gas-fired electricity.

- Provide access to municipal composting.

3. Prioritize public health, as the climate crisis is our single greatest health crisis.

- Invest in sustainable, equitable, and accessible healthcare and public health. Resist privatization of public healthcare.

- Connect mental and physical health with green spaces. Establish planning standards to protect and integrate urban forests, parks and other green spaces, wetlands, and other carbon sinks.

- Support and invest in Indigenous-led conservation initiatives.

- Invest in local organic, regenerative agriculture and plant-rich food systems, including in urban environments. Support farmers markets and community gardens.

4. Institute a broad public education campaign

- Tell the truth about the climate and biodiversity crises as we all need to know what’s at stake.

- Highlight the benefits and massive opportunities of immediate climate action, including health, employment and economic benefits.

- Recognize that our only way forward is to act together urgently and collectively to safeguard the present and secure the future for ourselves, our children, and for generations yet to come.


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