One Earth, One Vote

Add your name to this initiative to let our current party leaders know that your vote will not be given to a government that does not uphold environmental protection, economic justice and human rights. Add your name to the list of Canadians everywhere who are demanding that our leaders consider the future of our planet and take it seriously this upcoming October. This letter will be sent to your local candidate as well as all federal party leaders.


Dear Candidates,

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report laid out the global impacts that we should expect as the planet warms to 2 degrees. The same report also highlighted what it would take to avoid the world from warming above 1.5 degrees.

With this huge challenge we are facing, comes the opportunity to re-imagine our communities, businesses and leadership in ways that address the connected issues of climate change, Indigenous rights, ecosystem loss, equity, affordability and environmental justice.

The good news is that solutions already exist. Will you be part of these solutions to save our children’s future and the health of our planet?

Today, I am urging you to commit to an evidence-based environmental plan that:

Implements a strong climate action plan that meets our international commitments to keep global warming below catastrophic levels.
     There is no more time to waste. The next government must immediately put into place a plan to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and the reductions must begin shortly after.

Establishes economic equality and ensure social justice.
     The transition to a low carbon economy includes ensuring economic equality and social justice. Through this approach, we can create systems and structures to ensure that all Canadians are afforded the dignity and respect to live a good life.

Respects and promotes the inherent rights of Indigenous Peoples outlined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
For too long, Canada has made Indigenous rights a secondary consideration. True reconciliation means grappling with the hard truths of our past, and upholding the principles of free, prior and informed consent.

Restore nature and prevent wildlife extinction
Nature not only gives us joy at its marvels, it is also our best defense against climate change and species loss. With habitats disappearing and entire species dying at unprecedented rates, Canada is under threat. Nature protects us and we must protect it.

Ensure a livable planet for our children
The clock is ticking. With Canada warming at twice the global rate, bold change is needed so that today’s kids have a safe world to grow up in. My vote depends on it. Our children’s futures depend on it.

My vote depends on your commitment to ambitious action for the environment.