Junction Geo @ GEDO '17

September 23rd, 2017 marked Green 13's 4th annual participation in Green Energy Doors Open, a province wide event organized by Ontario Sustainable Energy Association to showcase renewable energy projects.

At GEDO '17, we presented the latest developments in Junction Geo project. The event at Annette Library was structured as an open house with three interactive stations representing Government, Utiility and Community aspects of the envisioned district geoexchange heating and cooling model.

Participants had a chance to obtain information about geoexchange technology, existing barriers and opportunities for its wider adoption, to provide some input on the values and principles they would like to see in the new generation of heating and cooling systems, to identify sources and sinks of thermal energy in the neighbourhood by matching pictured facilities with their locations on the provided maps, or just chat with interested community members, low-carbon and geo-enthusiast, experts, utitlity founders and more.