Irreversible Extreme Heat: Protecting Canadians and Communities from a Lethal Future

The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation has just published this report. Watch the webinar recording  here.

"Executive Summary

Urban areas are the hot spots of global warming. Extreme heat, alongside flooding and wildfire, is a key risk to the health and well-being of Canadians. The situation is growing more dangerous, driven by irreversible climate change—Canada is warming, on average, at twice the global rate. Urgent action is required NOW to manage risk and avoid worsening impacts – and ultimately FATALITIES – resulting from rising heat.

Extremely hot temperatures and heat waves can be deadly and have a severe impact on health, infrastructure and services, the natural world, and ultimately, the economy. Not all Canadians will be affected in the same way, and those most vulnerable will require additional support."

In Canada, over 17 million people are at risk.  In this report, learn how to prepare for extreme heat. 


And transition off fossil fuels.