Gambling on Extinction

On February 11th, 2014, Green 13 screened Revolution, by Rob Stewart. Traveling through 15 countries over four years, he discovered it is not only other species that are in grave danger - - it’s humanity itself. The film covers from the evolution of our species, to the revolution to save us. The current reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change support the thesis of Stewart’s film.

That same evening, Bill Spahic of Real to Reel Productions Inc. attended the screening, and spoke with the audience about their current film project, Gambling on Extinction. They are raising awareness about the senseless slaughter of elephants, rhinos and tigers. Poaching statistics show these magnificent animals could be gone in the wild in our lifetime. Anne Pick, the producer, writes:

"We cannot let this happen and I firmly believe that if we can rally everyone from the grassroots up to the rich and powerful we can put an end to this ruthless illegal wildlife trafficking. They are not trinkets, remedies or rugs! I truly believe if we can stop the demand we can stop the trafficking. We can all make a difference by making aware and considered consumer choices, so add your voice and spread the message."

Please visit for the latest news on the crisis. Please consider supporting the making of this film. With your generous support of their film, Gambling on Extinction, you are helping raise awareness about the senseless slaughter of these majestic animals and making your voice heard. Thank you.