Environmental Defence Statement on the federal government purchases of Kinder Morgan

"For Immediate Release: May 29, 2018

Statement by Environmental Defence’s Patrick DeRochie on the federal government’s reckless purchase of the Kinder Morgan pipeline

Toronto, Ont. – The federal government’s decision to purchase Trans Mountain is a totally reckless use of public money. It leaves Canadians on the hook for a risky pipeline that lacks a viable business case, flouts Canada’s commitment to Indigenous rights and reconciliation, and faces intractable legal, political and regulatory obstacles.

If an American company isn’t willing to put its shareholders’ money on the line to build this tar sands pipeline, then Prime Minister Trudeau shouldn’t put Canadians’ money at risk either.

The expansion of oil production to fill Kinder Morgan is inconsistent with reaching Canada’s international climate targets. And the government’s purchase of a tar sands pipeline is at odds with the longstanding commitment to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, a priority for Canada in its upcoming chairmanship of the G7.

Federal acquisition of the pipeline also undermines the government’s proposed reforms to the energy project review process, and lends credence to recent revelations that the decision to approve the Kinder Morgan expansion was made before a full analysis of impacts on the environment and Indigenous peoples was completed.

Instead of investing in a tar sands pipeline, Canada needs to invest in a clean economy, starting with a plan to eliminate public subsidies for oil and gas companies. Rather than padding Kinder Morgan’s pockets with $4.5 billion, the federal government could put solar panels on the roofs of 18,000 schools, pay for 60,000 hospital beds, or bring clean drinking water to every First Nation in the country with $1.3 billion left so spare.

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