Call for the federal government to accelerate revision of the Impact Assessment Act, and redesignate Hwy 413 for a new assessment

On April 24, 2024, Green 13 and Parkdale-High Park for Climate Action delivered the following letter to the constituency office of our MP Arif Virani. We have, more than once, written to request a meeting with him on this matter, at his earliest convenience, but have not received any reply from his office. The letter was signed by many Parkdale-High Park constituents.


Honourable Arif Virani
MP Parkdale-High Park

Please accept this correspondence from Green13 and Parkdale High Park 4 Climate Action. We are extremely disappointed that the federal government is not upholding their responsibility to protect endangered species by allowing the provincial plan for Highway 413 to proceed. This is our second letter to you on this issue.

The proposed Highway 413 will increase greenhouse gas emissions, threaten farmland and waterways, including the headwaters of the Humber River and many federally protected Endangered Species. In addition new highways encourage passenger car traffic and housing sprawl. None of this supports Canada’s climate goals.

We are glad to hear that the federal government is planning to rapidly revise the Impact Assessment Act to conform with the Supreme Court ruling from last fall.  We ask that the federal government revise the Impact Assessment Act in such a way that they can redesignate Highway 413 for a new impact assessment and that they designate the highway for a new assessment.

The federal government can also deny highway 413 permits under the Fisheries Act and the Species At Risk Act and should do so if federally listed species like the Redside Dace cannot be protected.

The province has consistently weakened their environmental assessment processes and they are proposing to perform a 'streamlined' environmental assessment on Highway 413. We think this is a mistake which would have serious consequences in the future.

The environment is a shared provincial and federal responsibility. We understand that there will be a joint prov/fed committee being set up to deal with environmental issues.  We do not have confidence in this process. There is no way the federal government can live up to their environmental responsibilities by cooperating with a provincial government that has no interest in living up to their own environmental responsibilities.

As expressed in our previous letter of April 1st, we request a meeting with you regarding this matter. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Parkdale-High Park 4 Climate Action
Green 13

Roncy Reduces


Our letter, above, was accompanied by the following letter from SCAN, Seniors for Climate Action Now:

April 22, 2024

Honourable Arif Virani
MP Parkdale-High Park

We are writing to express our support for Green13 and Parkdale High Park 4 Climate Action and their concern regarding the prospect of Highway 413 being built.

We understand that your government still has options in terms of action it can take to ensure a proper assessment is done of the impacts of the construction of Highway 413 on the environment and ultimately the climate. But we are concerned that you do in fact exercise those options.

Like Green 13 and Parkdale High Park 4 Climate Action, we call on you to quickly introduce a revised Impact Assessment Act solidifying your position in terms of intervention on this matter. We urge you to relist Highway 413 once you have done so.

We urge you to use your authority under the Fisheries Act and the Species At Risk Act to ensure a rigorous review process ensuring that Highway 413 is fully evaluated with respect to its potential impact.

We see ample evidence that the current Ontario government is undermining environmental protections and expanding highways as the expense of our future.

We urge your government to play an active role, intervening to protect the environment and making necessary efforts to stop the mad rush toward climate destruction. We urge you to represent and protect the interests of future generations.

On behalf of SCAN! Toronto
Shelly Gordon

On behalf of SCAN!

Nick De Carlo