Building Support for Bold Climate Policy webinar: Wed. Jan.25'23

Upcoming Free Webinar: 12 pm Wednesday January 25, 2023

Building support for bold climate policy panel

With the recent commitments to cap emissions from the oil and gas sector and implement a clean electricity standard, Canada has a unique opportunity to pave the way for strong global climate policy. However, to ensure that these policies are equitable, effective and long-lasting, it is crucial to build enduring public support.

How do we talk to Canadians about climate policy? How do we build on existing public support? How can we address and foster Canadian values in our conversations? Join us on January 25 for a dynamic conversation with leading climate communicators to unpack and discuss the opportunities and challenges to reach new audiences, engage citizens, and build support for strong, equitable climate change policy in Canada. Featuring:
- Dr. Louise Comeau, Conservation Council of New Brunswick
Jessie Sitnick, Argyle Communications
- Vanessa Corkal, International Institute for Sustainable Development
- Natalie Southworth, Communications Consultant

Moderated by Cara Pike, Re.Climate.

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