10 environmental secrets hidden from the public

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In a recent global ranking of environmental protection initiatives, Canada placed last - dead last. Not only did we drop from 12th place to 27th in one year, we were the only country that didn't make progress in the environmental field. Here are some government secrets that might explain why:

Harper administration secrets:

1.Canada will not meet its emissions targets in 2020

2. The arctic is in worse condition than you think

3. A marine influenza virus destroyed B.C. salmon populations

4. The oilsands are contaminating the Athabasca River

5. Excessive levels of radiation hit Canada following Fukushima

6. The pipeline industry drove changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

7. How a 200 million square kilometer ozone hole is affecting the arctic

8. How it handled the Alberta beef recall

9. The fate of the sage grouse.

10. How a prehistoric flood affected climate change 13,000 years ago