Vermicomposting Workshop

Are you running out of solutions with your compost wastes now that the City strike has lasted for over a month? Want to learn how to turn your organic waste into rich, fertile soil for your garden and plants?
NEXT Wednesday July 29th from 5:30pm-’til Dusk, Green Oasis on Broadview is proud to be hosting Gerrie the Worm Lady at the Green Oasis garden for our interactive vermicomposting workshop! Come and learn about vermicomposting, have your all your pressing compost questions answered, and walk away with the knowledge and worms to be able to start your very own vermicompost system right in your home or garden.
Gerrie the Worm Lady is doing a roadtrip specially to Toronto to help out with our City garbage problems, and is selling her red wiggler worms for only $25/half pound and $45/pound! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be able to get these precious compost-creators and to learn from this incredible woman. And please pass this email on to everyone that could benefit from learning about how to turn garbage into garden soil during this stinky strike time!
What Should I Bring to the Workshop?
The workshop will consist of learning from Gerrie about the vermicompost system, getting everyone set up with their vermicompost, followed by a big salad dinner, courtesy of the Green Oasis garden. There will also be the opportunity to donate to the Green Oasis Garden at the end of the session as well.
The following things should come with you to the vermicomposting workshop next Wednesday:- Sturdy Container (can be made of reused materials such as wood, plastic, or metal to host your wormies in)- Cloth Cover large enough to cover the top of your sturdy container- Shredded newsprint (enough to fill your container… and I’m sure you’ve got tons overflowing your recycle bin)- Tupperware (to harvest greens from the garden and/or to partake in salad eating)- Fork (to eat salad with)
Gerrie the Worm Lady is doing her 4 day Toronto Roadtrip tour from July 27 – 30. New World Perspectives Blog has dates, times & location details. Sign up Today for your Worm Lady Road Trip Newsletter
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