Update from The Green Awakening Network

The Green Awakening Network

Toronto United Churches act to reduce climate change. United Church folk have a growing understanding that their church must actively participate in the broader community’s response to the challenge of climate change. This includes the process of "greening" our church spaces and contributing to the betterment of our communities to help make this world a better place for future generations.

A network of United Church people with a deep commitment to respect and care for our common environment have come together to establish the Green Awakening Network, in partnership with Greening Sacred Spaces and the Centre for Church Development Leadership.
The new network is excited to announce that it is the recipient of one of the first grants from the City of Toronto’s Live Green Toronto Program.

The Live Green Toronto Community Investment Program (CIP) is intended to help build capacity within the community to identify, develop and initiate collective actions that reduce greenhouse gas and smog-causing emissions, or help adapt to the changes that will occur as a result of climate change. The Green Awakening Network has an ambitious first-year plan.
The chief goals of the Green Awakening Network are to:

• develop a strong awareness of the imperative to act in response to the challenge to reduce greenhouse gases;
• develop a preparedness within our communities for the challenges that they face as a result of climate change;
• implement programs of action in partnership with community groups in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

With 107 congregations, representing 22,000 people within the City of Toronto, the United Church is physically present in almost every neighbourhood. The Green Awakening Network’s workplan offers plenty of opportunities for individuals and congregations to become involved in making a difference. Some of these are:

• helping to develop "green practices" for churches;
• hosting community expositions of home energy options;
• contributing to the development of community programs that deal with climate change at both the individual and household level.

To become involved in this initiative, or for more information, please contact the Green Awakening Network Development Team through Allan Baker of Newtonbrook United Church, (416) 222 – 5417, allanbaker@bellnet.ca.

There will also be an event (open to all faith groups) on Saturday, March 7th from 9am - 3:30 pm at Lawrence Park Community Church open to discuss how to reduce your carbon footprint. To register please contact Angus at 905-771-5124.