"Tree for Me" - how you can help boost our tree canopy

The following blog post is courtesy of Pam Mountain:

TREE FOR ME is a new initiative that community groups in the Junction are involved in, along with the Annette Street Library. This summer's drought was extremely hard on our trees. Many city trees were not watered, unless local residents took it upon themselves to water them. The tree canopy in Toronto is about 26% tree cover at present. The Junction is an area of the city that is quite devoid of trees, mainly because of industrial u...

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Guest blog by Lance Carlson

A Green 13 Wrap - Lance Carlson     (September 2016)


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Green 13 signs on to letter to International Energy Agency on 1.5 degrees scenario

Green 13 has just added its signature to the following letter to the IEA on the 1.5 degrees scenario:

Letter text:


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Heat warning continues in Toronto / Air Quality Statement

August 10, 2016 

Heat Warning continues in Toronto, cooling centres open


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Essential viewing - what is meant by "carbon budget", and how can I learn more?C

What is meant by "carbon budget"? David Spratt lays it out - essential to our understanding of what must be Canada's role, what must be our individual roles, in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Take 18 min. of your time to understand this:


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