Best Forest Friends

The Best Forest Friends social event held by LEAF Friday, November 29th was a wonderful celebration of volunteers who worked throughout 2013 to safeguard our urban forest. Below, Victoria Badham of LEAF acknowledges Rita Bijons and Timothy Watson for their roles in canvassing to heighten awareness of the ravages of the Emerald Ash Borer on ash trees, to take action to save those ash trees which are savable, as well as to invite folks to...

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10 environmental secrets hidden from the public


In a recent global ranking of environmental protection initiatives, Canada placed last - dead last. Not only did we drop from 12th place to 27th in one year, we were the only country that...

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Gasland Part II What about fracking in Canada?

We are grateful to the folks at Gasland Part II for giving permission for our recent screenings. (You may donate to the film company through  ).

Below is information we made available at the recent screenings:

The current issue of Canadian Perspectives is largely focused on fracking. http://www....

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Canadians want Harper government to take leadership role on climate change, poll says

Canadians want the Harper government to take a leadership role on climate change and give the Prime Minister poor marks for his approach, says a new poll released Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by a progressive think tank in Ottawa.

The survey – sponsored by Canada 2020 and the University of Montreal – found a high level of belief among Canadians that humans are contributing to global warming and that the federal government should take the lead on combatting climate change.


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Andrew Nikiforuk on "Pipelines and the Petrostate"

Andrew Nikiforuk's "Pipelines and the Petrostate" October 17 '13 panel, sponsored by Council of Canadian's, Post Carbon Toronto, Toronto Climate Action Now & others,   video podcast...

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