The Trial of Suzuki

The Trial of Suzuki took place the evening of November 7, 2013.   He was accused of seditious libel for his Carbon Manifesto.

Suzuki’s Carbon Manifesto

I’m David Suzuki. I stand here today as an elder, beyond the temptations of money, fame or power. I have no...

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Project Neutral 2013 Household Carbon Footprint Survey

The 2013 survey campaign is in full swing. Go to to complete your household carbon footprint survey and set your personal action plan!

This year schools and community groups each can sign up, encourage...

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Chasing Ice

Green 13 extends warm thanks to our MP Peggy Nash and our MPP Cheri DiNovo as well as their respective staffs for hosting a free public screening on October 20 at the Revue Cinema of Chasing Ice, a must see documentary of exquisite and terrible beauty. The filmmaker, James Balog, [...

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130 years of planet-wide temperature changes

How has the surface temperature of Earth been changing? To help find out, Earth scientists collected temperature records from over 1000 weather stations around the globe since 1880, and combined them with modern satellite data. The result: a video that dramatizes the result showing 130 years of planet-wide temperature changes relative to the local average temperatures in the mid-1900s. In the above global maps, red means warmer and blue means colder. On average, the display demonstrates that...

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City Council approves Residential Energy Efficiency pilot program

In its July 16th meeting City Council unanimously approved the a $20 million Residential Energy Efficiency pilot program. 

Going by the name of "PAYS" (Pay as you save), the program will enable about 1,000 houses and 1,000 households in multi-residential buildings to take advantage of a novel financing mechanisms when retrofitting their homes. The city is currently finalizing the details of the program that is...

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