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Unearthing Stories of Lost Spring Creek, Blue Green City Part 2 - Lost Rivers


Leaders: Richard Anderson and friends.

We'll follow the ravine systems of Spring Creek from its edges at Dundas to its re-emergence as a live watercourse in High Park. A linear walk of about 3 km, on city streets and park paths. Washrooms in commercial venues. Walk ends near High Park streetcar loop within walking distance of Keele subway station. A joint outing with Toronto Green Community and Lost Rivers. 

Aggie's Wildflower Walk


Leader: Madeleine McDowell

Rediscover the world of Agnes Moodie Fitzgibbon, daughter of Susanna Moodie and illustrator of Canadian Wildflowers (published in 1867). All of Aggie's specimens were from the Baby Point and Humber Valley area. Many of these flowers still survive in the Magwood Sanctuary. Approximately twor hourse, ending at Lambton House for tea and a tlk about Agnes. 

Humber Heritage Committee Nature Walk

Composting 101


Learn about three common reasons composting doesn't work, and about the connection between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and soil organic matter.  Learn the how-tos such as the roles of feedstock, moisutre, air. labour and time. 

Guest speaker: Mike Nevin, with over 20 years experience composting and experience at FoodShare. 

With thanks to Annette Library for their support in this presentation, and to Our Fragile Planet.

Climate and Clean Economy


The climate crisis is the greatest threat facing humanity. Extreme weather events are increasing in severity and frequency. Our planet is heating up because of human-caused carbon pollution, and it's putting our water, food and health at risk. We can solve this, but we need to act now.

To avoid dangerous levels of climate change, we need to completely phase-out polluting fossil fuels and reduce our carbon pollution to zero by mid-century.


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