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Defending Toronto: Should cities have more autonomy? What about the province's takeover of the city's subway?


This evening is hosted by Why Should I Care? Former Mayor John Sewell and former CBC journalist Doug Earl will be coming to discuss the role of big cities and why they feel cities deserve more autonomy from the province. We hope you can join us this month!

6th Annual Electronic Waste Collection


Inorganic Market

Bring your disused TVs, computers, phones, and other unused electronics for safe disposal. Collected material is sent to ADL Process, a Toronto based, Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) processor. 

For more information, read here and here.

Town Hall on the Environment, with a special focus on climate change and putting a price on carbon pollution


Here is the notice from our MP Arif Virani:

Dear residents of Parkdale-High Park,   

We are facing the most existential crisis of our time with drastic effects from climate change and global warming, as teh UN's recent IPCC report made clear. I invite you to join me on Wednesday, January 16 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Swansea Town Hall (Rousseau Room) where I will be hosting a Town Hall on the Environment with a special focus on climate change and putting a price on carbon pollution.

Zero Waste Community Action Planning


Come build a shared vision of zero waste for Parkdale! 

Here are some of the topics: What are you interested in?

•Community sharing and creative reuse

    •e-waste, repair, & bicycling

     • ecoparents

• ecofashion & household goods

• community cleanups

•Communications: outreach, education & advocacy

• food: gleaning, growing, planning, prep, compost & more

Connect and get involved with organizations and neighbours reducing waste in Parkdale!


Forum: How to Save the World in a Hurry


This 2-day forum is hosted by Science for Peace, which writes:

"Humanity faces at least six threats that could kill a billion people or more in a short interval:

War and weapons (especially nuclear) • Global warming • Famine • Pandemics • Massive radiation exposure from reactor accidents • Cyber attacks.

Because these are causally connected as a system, it is best to devise public policy solutions for them together.


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