Rising Waters - Are we ready to cope?

16 Oct 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Madison Pub, 14 Madison Ave., (walk E from Spadina subway station)

Ontario and Quebec saw a lot of water this year. Flooding in the first half of summer kept the Toronto Islands closed for much of the season. Watching the devastation wrought by what seems like an endless line of Hurricanes down south is really forcing us to think about our own infrastructure resiliency.

Once in 500 year storms are happening with increasing frequency. Flooding is becoming common place in Toronto.

What are we doing to make sure our critical infrastructure is ready for future weather events? Are we being proactive or simply waiting to get washed out?

Join WSIC, Why Should I Care?, Monday, October 16, at the Madison Ave Pub. Rehana Rajabali, Senior Engineer - Flood Risk and Communications at the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority, and Helen Noehammer, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Planning in the City of Mississauga leads a discussion about our infrastructure resiliency and adaptation strategies to deal with the severe weather events coming our way.

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The WSIC team