Green 13's 6th Annual Earth Hour Candlelight the Humber

29 Mar 2014 - 7:45pm

Lambton House, 4066 Old Dundas Street

Green 13’s 6th Annual Earth Hour Candlelight Walk Saturday, March 29 at 7:45 PM ... by the Humber
Reconnecting With Our Natural Heritage

The Plan

  • Turn your power down at home
  • To start the walk at 8 PM, join your neighbours at 7:45 PM at historic Lambton House, 4066 Old Dundas Street. Note: Parking is limited. Bus #55 from Jane Station stops at the door. Bus #30 travels along Dundas St W.; exit at Howland Ave. and walk S. 1 block
  • Enjoy a guided walk along the historic Humber River. We will start and end at Heritage York’s historic Lambton House.
  • Please stay for refreshments following the walk.
  • Remember to bring your own candle or lantern.
  • Consider attending an Inorganic Market (to drop off your electronic waste) on Sunday 30 March, 10am – 2pm at Swansea Town Hall Indoor Garage Sale.

After turning off your lights for Earth Hour, please consider what else you can do to make a difference