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Climate EMERGENCY Countdown (1 of 5)

Glenn MacIntosh, founder of ecoSanity, explains the climate emergency in 31 minutes.  Where we are and why, and the emergency responses necessary.


Climate EMERGENCY Countdown was a public forum organized by ecoSanity that took place at Metro Hall on June 22nd, 2014 in Toronto.
From the dire warnings of the IPCC and other reports, to the imperative for an EMERGENCY ACTION agreement at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit (via New York City and Lima 2014)…

Speak up for Pollinators Dec. 11 '14, 9am to 12 noon

Lima COP20

Follow the UN Climate Change negotiations, sessions, and press conferences this week and next:


TRANSITIONS at 350.org

The following is an open letter from Bill McKibben, dated December 2, 2014:

Dear friends,


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