Tree For Me event May 5 a big success!

Annette Street and local environment group Green 13 hosted a very successful Tree
For Me event on Saturday May 5.
The day dawned sunny and warm. Margo from Tree For Me arrived
with a big tent, which was erected at the foot of the driveway.
People who had registered for a tree (or trees) signed in under the
tent, moved  mid-way up the driveway for their planting demonstration,
then picked up their tree(s) and mulch at the top of the driveway.
Most people came just before the hour they'd chosen for their
demonstration, but thanks to Margo, Paul and Lucy we could
offer demonstrations to those who came late or early.
We gave away all 152 trees and all the mulch.
This is the 3rd time we've had a Tree For Me event (the first along
with the Junction Residents Association; last year and this
year along with the Bloor West Village Residents Association) and
each year the number of trees  requested has increased.   Margo
has fine-tuned all the details, making every year's event run more
smoothly and efficiently.
Margo remarked that Annette Street branch is the only TPL
branch currently holding Tree For Me events.  Sarah Doucette, our City
Councellor, is on the Library Board and will  recommend that more
branches take part next year.
Thanks to everyone who helped make our Tree For Me event
successful and fun!  (and thanks for the coffee and muffins, Margo!)