Earth Hour 2016 Saturday, March 19

Green 13 was delighted to once again partner with Heritage York to observe Earth Hour, based out of Lambton House.
After COP 21 in Paris, Earth Hour bears more urgency than ever before. Gathered at Lambton House, by the ancient Humber River, residents heard from their federal, provincial and municipal representatives, each engaged on climate. Now, more than ever before, collaboration across jurisdictions is needed to address this existential problem. Then, by lantern and by light of the moon, our local treasure, historian and naturalist Madeleine McDowell, shared secrets of the natural, cultural, political and climate history of this area. Back at Lambton House, people powered down, treated to the acoustic music of George Linton, and poetry and song shared by participants. Special thanks to local merchants Sweet Potato for donating organic apple cider, and to Humbercrest Loblaws for donating nut-free organic cookies.
At 7:30 pm participants gathered with their lanterns, candles, flashlights in front of historic Lambton House. They were greeted by Chris Holcroft of Green 13, who introduced our MP  Arif Virani, our MPP Cheri DiNovo, and our Councillor Sarah Doucette. Local historian and naturalist, Madeleine McDowell, brought out her Grandfather’s lantern, used in former times, before street lights, to light the way, and led the walk by the Humber. In previous years, paths have been blocked by giant slabs of ice. This year, however, the path was clear. Madeleine guided the walk, stopping to share stories of geological history, cultural history, natural history, and, yes, political history - even a mad plot to flood a big section of the Humber Valley to create power…, and of course, stories of Hurricane Hazel. As the night grew darker, we realized we could see stars, and the moon lit the way.

The walk arrived back at Lambton House just in time for more powering down, hot Filsinger’s cider, cookies, and acoustic entertainment by local musician George Linton. Among the Earth Hour participants, a woman named Diane read a powerful poem fraught with worry for this fragile planet and the life it carries; minutes later a boy delivered an ethereal rendition of a song in German,  A Child’s Vision of Heaven. 

Below are two links to photos taken, the first set by Natasha Vaney:
and the second by Zvonimir Zupancic:
Warm thanks from Green 13 and from Heritage York to all who sweetened up Earth Hour: to Sweet Potato for their generous donation of Filsinger’s organic apple cider, and to Humbercrest Loblaws for their generous donation of PC organic nut-free cookies. And to the kind volunteers who, before Earth Hour, gathered at Lambton House to heat up the cider, and set out the cookies, then serve these sweets from the Earth. We have a lot to be grateful for.